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The Evolution of MSFS2020: A Healthy Foundation for MSFS2024

As we approach the release date of MSFS2024, it’s an exciting time for flight simulation enthusiasts. But before we look to the future, let’s take a moment to assess the health and state of MSFS2020, the current iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. In this blog post, we’ll explore the journey of MSFS2020, its current state, and how it’s laying the groundwork for the upcoming MSFS2024.

A Rocky Start

MSFS2020 was released in August 2020 to much fanfare, but it wasn’t without its teething issues. The initial launch was marred by:
  • Bugs and glitches: Players experienced frustrating errors, from crashes to graphical anomalies.
  • Performance problems: The simulator struggled with framerate and lag, making it challenging to enjoy.
  • Lack of features: Some users felt that the initial release lacked essential features, such as weather and lighting effects.
The community was vocal about their concerns, and the developers at Asobo Studio and Microsoft listened intently.

Continuous Improvement on the Health and State of MSFS2020

Fast-forward to today, and MSFS2020 has undergone significant transformations. The development team has worked tirelessly to address the community’s concerns, releasing a steady stream of:
  • Updates and patches: Regular fixes have squashed bugs, improved performance, and added new features.
  • New aircraft and scenery: Regular updates have added a diverse range of aircraft and scenery, including iconic airports and cities.
  • Weather and lighting effects: Enhanced weather and lighting effects create a more realistic and dynamic environment.
  • Community engagement: The developers have fostered a strong community, with regular live streams, Q&A sessions, and a thriving forums platform.

Key Milestones

Some notable milestones in MSFS2020’s evolution include:
  • World Update I-VI: Significant updates that added new regions, airports, and features.
  • Sim Update I-V: Major updates that improved performance, fixed bugs, and added new functionality.
  • Aircraft and scenery releases: Regular additions of new aircraft and scenery, including iconic planes and destinations.

Laying the Groundwork for MSFS2024

So, how does the current state of MSFS2020 impact the upcoming release of MSFS2024? The answer lies in the foundation laid by MSFS2020. The continuous improvement and evolution of MSFS2020 have:
  • Refined the core engine: The updates and optimizations will carry over to MSFS2024, providing a solid foundation for the new simulator.
  • Set the stage for new features: MSFS2024 will build upon the existing features and functionality, introducing new and exciting elements to the simulation.
  • Fostered a strong community: The community’s passion and feedback have shaped MSFS2020, and this engagement will continue to influence the development of MSFS2024.

What to Expect in MSFS2024

With the foundation laid by MSFS2020, we can expect MSFS2024 to:
  • Build upon existing features: Expect refinements and expansions of current features, such as weather and lighting effects.
  • Introduce new features: MSFS2024 will likely include new and exciting elements, such as advanced AI, new aircraft, and scenery.
  • Improve performance: The refined core engine will provide a smoother and more efficient experience.
MSFS2020 has come a long way since its initial release, and its current state is a testament to the dedication of the developers and the community. As we look towards MSFS2024, it’s clear that the foundation laid by MSFS2020 and the health and state of MSFS2020 will propel the new simulator to even greater heights. With a refined core engine, a strong community, and a wealth of new features on the horizon, the future of flight simulation has never been brighter.
Stay tuned for more updates on MSFS2024, and get ready to take to the skies like never before!

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