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Should You Stick with MSFS 2020 or Upgrade to 2024?

Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 revolutionized the flight sim genre with its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay. But with the announcement of MSFS 2024, flight sim enthusiasts are left wondering: should they upgrade or keep enjoying 2020? Should you buy MSFS 2020, or wait for MSFS 2024?

MSFS 2020: A Flourishing Flight Experience

MSFS 2020 isn’t going anywhere. Microsoft continues to actively develop the platform, releasing regular updates that add new content, features, and squash bugs. This ensures a steady stream of improvements for existing players.

The thriving marketplace is another reason to stay invested. Imagine piloting the iconic Boeing 787 Dreamliner recreated in meticulous detail, or landing at a meticulously handcrafted rendition of London Heathrow – the marketplace offers a vast selection of add-ons to expand your virtual hangar and explore the world.

MSFS 2020 also boasts a passionate community. From creating awe-inspiring liveries for aircraft to sharing flight routes and tips on forums, this supportive network enhances the overall experience.

Tempestuous Skies Ahead: What MSFS 2024 Promises

So, why wait for MSFS 2024? The next iteration promises to take flight simulation to new heights. Here’s what could potentially entice you to upgrade:

  • Weather on Steroids: Imagine navigating through a terrifying hurricane or witnessing the awe-inspiring power of a tornado. MSFS 2024 is expected to introduce more dynamic and extreme weather phenomena, adding a whole new layer of challenge and realism. MSFS 2020 has struggled with this. At times, there was too much lightning, then there was virtually none. A lot of work has been done to give an immersive feel to clouds and weather, but something tells me this is in preparation for MSFS 2024.

  • Branching Out: Take to the skies in a wider variety of aircraft. MSFS 2024 might see the inclusion of long-awaited helicopters, gliders, and other exciting flying machines, giving you more ways to explore the virtual skies. MSFS has, and always had, a strong community following. This includes community created aircraft, such as the FBW Airbus A320neo and Headwinds A330-900. Asobo and Microsoft have done a good job of bringing a plethora of aircraft to the market, but the real study level stuff has always come from the community.

  • A Graphical Leap Forward? While MSFS 2020 is already a graphical marvel, 2024 might push the boundaries even further. Expect even more stunning visuals and potentially improved performance thanks to an evolved engine. It’ll continue to push the capabilities of our hardware. Just recently I made the jump from a AMD 5600 to AMD 7800x3d. It helped improve my FPS from around 30FPS to 55FPS but, even better, it helped smooth out the average FPS. This has allowing for a much better immersive experience, particularly on final when you find that object LOD taxes your processor more.

Should You Upgrade? Weighing the Options

The decision to upgrade boils down to your individual preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Contentment with MSFS 2020: If you’re happy with the current selection of aircraft, sceneries, and features, and your system runs the game smoothly, there’s no urgent need to jump ship. MSFS 2020 remains an amazing gaming feat, providing an immersive way of virtually travelling across the globe.

  • Yearning for New Horizons: If you crave the thrill of extreme weather simulation, the allure of piloting new aircraft types, or the promise of cutting-edge visuals, then MSFS 2024 might be worth the wait. There will be career oriented activities, potentially bringing reason to your cross country air travel.

  • The Add-On Conundrum: Remember, most add-ons for MSFS 2020 are expected to work with 2024, but some might require updates or repurchases. Consider how heavily you rely on add-ons before making the switch. Most community created add-ons will continue to support their add-ons into the next version of MSFS, but be sure to check before you buy.

MSFS 2020 offers a continually evolving flight simulation experience, while MSFS 2024 promises a significant leap forward in features and, potentially, visuals. Ultimately, the choice is yours, captain! So, fire up your flight simulator of choice, and explore the skies!

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